Why are gorillas so funny?

They shouldn’t be, but they are.

If you don’t think that gorillas are funny, exchange the word “gorilla” in the headline in the linked article to “tiger”. Is it as funny?

Also, consider how many sports mascots are tigers, grizzlies, eagles, lions, or other menacing animals and how many are the gorillas. For goodness sake, there is an NBA team called the Raptors, but not even a NCAA I-A football team named the Gorillas!

The only mascot named the Gorillas that I know of is Pittsburgh State in Kansas, which is in the MIAA, an athletic association I was unfamiliar with before now.

I’m not sure this makes much sense to me. Does it have to do with its similar ancestry to humans? We have no problem using humans as mascots, and no problem using very very distantly related animals. So what’s our hangup with apes?


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2 Responses to “Why are gorillas so funny?”

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