I take full responsibility. But I am still a victim.

Eternal victim Carrie Prejean won’t go away. When I heard she had a sex tape, I thought, well that didn’t end well. But it didn’t end, did it? Now she has a book and plugged it on that other ridiculous hypocrite Sean Hannity’s show.

Here’s the link.

I dont’ know why I watch that stuff, but it’s like a train wreck to me. I get a kick out of being outraged by dummies. And I’m not talking about Prejean here, by the way. I have no reason to believe she’s an idiot. She claims to have written her book without a ghost writer and I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. However, she has absolutely no self awareness and seems incapable of sympathising with people who disagree with her.

I actually feel sorry for her. Her worldview has been skewed by the worst America has to offer. First she was unjustly taken to task by that douchebag Perez Hilton. Had he had a little more self control, that would have been a minor controversy. She answered the question honestly, if artlessly, and a reasonable judge might have docked her score but allowed her to win. Instead, Hilton created his enemy. HE’S an idiot, I have no doubt.

Second, she had to deal with one of my least favourite persons in the world–Donald Trump. No interaction with Trump can end well. And it didn’t for Prejean. She was praised for her good looks and then fired for what seems to be a reasonable decision by the Californians in charge.

Third, she became pals with Sarah Palin, who seems to have taught Prejean all she knows about milking her celebrity for no real reason.

Now she’s gotten Hannity to write the forward to her book, which is sure to go down as a bin bargain before Yuletide.

Though I can’t stand any of these people, it’s only Hannity that we have to deal with in this clip. The worst thing he says in 7 minutes of terrible is to claim the left can’t be nice to attractive conservative women. The left just attacks women like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin, because the left is vicious.

Umm, so liberals are supposed to take it but conservatives are allowed to attack? Bachmann, you’ll recall became famous for accusing Barack Obama of being anti-American. Palin became famous for calling herself a pitbull with lipstick and accusing community organisers of having no actual responsibilities. Michelle Malkin’s latest book is called Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats Crooks and Cronies. Coulter would be the worst if she hadn’t become so irrelevant in recent years. She can’t write a book without directly attacking liberals and Democrats in the title.

But Hannity feels these attacks don’t warrant any sort of pushback.

Side note: My favourite bit from this clip is when Prejean attempts to defend herself by explaining that her sex tape is not a sex tape since she’s alone in it.

Man these people are weird.


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