Eurotrash Boys

Do you know about John and Edward? Or as some call them Jedward?

They’re everywhere here and everyone hates them. But they also love them, because they are so horrible. Here’s a picture after the jump:

They’re 18 year old Irish “singers” who are the absolute worst “singers” to have made it this far on X-Factor, the British equivalent to American Idol.

The rules of the X-Factor seem to have helped them since people vote for who they like rather than who they don’t like. Thus the less you stick out, the worse off you are. And Jedward sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, to get by the fact that they can’t sing, they pick songs in which the spectacle is more important than singing. During Diva week, while most people picked songs by people like Tina Turner or Whitney Houston, Jedward sang “Oops, I did it again.”

During Movie week when most people picked songs like “Circle of Life” or “Stand By Me”, Jedward sang “Ghostbusters”.

I can’t remember the show theme that inspired “She Bangs”, but you really should watch it to believe that someone would think it would be a good idea to repeat the song that William Hung made notorious.

Tonight is Queen week, where people will sing songs like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “We are the Champions”, Jedward will apparently sing “Ice Ice Baby” because, as you know, it kind of samples “Under Pressure”. (Very disappointed that no one chose to sing “Bicycle Race”)

I have to say that, though I’ve only seen one episode of X-Factor in its entirety, I try to catch up on some clips online because it’s so fascinating. I don’t really get the mentality of the people on the show. I mean, why do most people consider winning X-Factor to be this really important thing? If you have talent you have talent. By being on the show you’ve gained some name recognition so now you have it easier, ostensibly, than the rest of the people out there who also want to be recording artists. Now you just have to work at it like most other people. And it’s not like winning the X-Factor guarantees you a career in singing. Quick, name two X-Factor winners! If you haven’t seen the show, I bet you can’t. But if you have seen the show, I bet you can name some losers–and probably as many as you can name winners.

So go out there and work for it like other more respectable singers. If Jedward has made it this far, winning X-Factor clearly doesn’t mean that much.


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