Sports-Hate and Scandal

Bill Simmons (as someone close to me calls “The Idiot Savant of the Mediocre”) published this article last week explaining his dwindling sports-hate of Kobe, Payton, and A-Rod. He claims that he is gaining respect for them so he can’t sports-hate them as much.

Well, that doesn’t jibe with me. For instance, the person I sports-hate more than any other is Dwayne Wade. I have great respect for his ability and that’s one of the reasons I sports-hate him so. But I also hate him because he cheats with the help of referees who are apparently xenophobic towards freakishly tall Germans. He seems likeable so people like him, but do we know that he’s likeable? I say he’s probably an a-hole. After all, I hate him.

Also, I contend that anyone who cares about the Dallas Mavericks and, frankly, the game of basketball, should sports-hate a cheater like Wade. He doesn’t have to cheat. He’s really very good at the game. But he did cheat.

He cheated when he won the title in 1996 and then he cheated when he feigned injury for a season to get a higher draft pick. And he cheated on his wife who divorced him because of his affair with Gabrielle Union. What’s not to hate?

But the NBA loves him, which makes me hate him more. They favour him, giving him and-1 fouls despite his reckless drives to the basket that put him in danger. They have also blocked the publication of a book by Tim Donaghy that claims that the NBA referees cheat on a regular basis. And so I hate some more because I know that there must be information in that book that alleges cheating during the 1996 Finals. Oh, my sports-hate runs deep.


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