Boycott the Gap for using the word Christmas!

This really chafes my hide. Despite being somewhat nonsensical in several of its phrases, the author of this announcement and promoter of the boycott seem to have little understanding of Christmas.

Here’s the add:


If you watch the ad, the Gap does not censor the word Christmas. In fact it uses the word explicitly. But even if it did not use the word Christmas in the ad, it would not be censorship. It is not censorship not to say a word. If it is, then I would like to protest the AFA for censoring the word Easter from its announcement.

Secondly, whether the AFA likes it or not, not everyone celebrates Christmas as Christians. Some celebrate Hannakah. Gap, as a corporation in the free market, has a responsibility to its shareholders to appeal to as large a market as possible and to sell as many clothes to as many people as possible. If the AFA doesn’t want to participate in that particular marketplace, they certainly don’t have to, but this action is unnecessary.

But here is my main concern with the boycott and with the ridiculous war on/for Christmas that keeps popping up year after year: Why, if you truly believe in the message of Christmas and the Christian faith, do you even want a godless corporation to use such a meaningful word to sell clothes made through the exploitation of God’s crowning achievement. Gap clothes are cheap because of sweatshops and what amounts to a type of slavery of the most vulnerable people in poor countries. We, as Christians, should be praising Walmart and the Gap and Nike for dropping Christmas from their winter sales campaigns. There is nothing Christian about the gluttonous consumerism that goes by the name Christmas or Winter Holidays or whatever else you want to call it.

How does buying trendy clothes exhibit the miracle of the incarnation? Because the Magi gave Jesus symbolic gifts at Epiphany? And we will reward the Gap if they break and offer Christians a cheap gesture?

The most Christian thing you can do is to let these companies exhibit the pagan nature they are at their core.


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