The funniest line I’ve heard in a movie in quite a while.

Just flew to New Orleans. I watched 3 movies on the Amsterdam to Memphis flight: the Hangover, 500 days of Summer, and State of Play.

State of Play was pretty good, but could have been better. It made me want to watch the British tv series.

500 days of Summer is a Po-Mo Cutester Rom-com. (Cutester is a neologism combining the words cutesy and hipster. I actually really liked the movie since it’s way more realistic than most Rom-coms. Let’s face it, we all have experiences like the main character, who falls deeply in love, but it doesn’t work out and that’s it. He has to deal with the love of his life’s new life with another man. And she’s not really a bitch like Sarah Marshall or another archetypical girlfriend foil.

The Hangover was very funny, and very reminiscent of Old School with Zach Galifin… in the Will Ferrell role. He also had one of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a movie in quite a while. In discussing counting cards at a Vegas blackjack table, his friends say, “counting cards is illegal.” Zach G. responds, “No, it’s just frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane.”

Maybe it was just funny because I was watching it on an airplane, but I embarrassed myself laughing in my seat with my headphones on.


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