How good is Vince Young?

Look at this final throw again. It almost looks like he mis-threw it. I love Vince Young and want him to succeed, but after having watched this drive (having not watched the game itself) I don’t know what to think. He missed a lot of receivers, got really lucky on occasion, and then this final throw where, when the camera shows his reaction to the throw, he looks kind of like he made a mistake, then, hey that was lucky. Was he really trying to hit the guy on the left and accidentally got the more open receiver? Or is he so accurate that he can throw a ball on the run like a champion darts tosser.

Watch it again:

Nevertheless, I’m glad he’s succeeding and would much rather watch VY than most other quarterbacks in the league. I’m mesmerised by his galloping in the open field. He never looks very fast but no one ever catches him.


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