Margaret Cho to star in a remake of Beverly Hills Cop!

Well, not really. Okay, not at all. Though would you be surprised if it were to happen? Especially after Karate Kid is being remade with Jackie Chan as Mr. Myagi? From the trailer, it looks like a pretty close remake too except the kids are younger and are in China. Do they speak English in the movie? My guess is probably.

Part of the problem with remakes and especially why they are often so terrible is that they are unnecessary. Why remake Psycho when the original is still great? Why remake the Bad News Bears? The Karate Kid is still a good movie.

Ocean’s 11 I can get behind since the first didn’t live up to its promise. If you want to be lazy and remake a movie, why not go for something that could stand to be remade. Like The Clash of the Titans (which is being done). The special effects of that 80s film are quite dated now and it’s not exactly a classic (despite its story being mined from the Classics). That’s the type of film to remake, I guess. But not all sci-fi/fantasy films that rely on special effects. Don’t remake Star Wars. And don’t remake Beverly Hills Cop.

Part of the problem with thinking these movies up is that the originals should be forgettable for the remake to be anything resembling a worthwhile task. So you can’t be terribly lazy. You have to do some research and put some thought into it.


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