Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Seinfeld reunion rings truer now

I just watched my way through season 7 of Curb and thought it was utterly brilliant. I think my favourite parts (and something that might not have been as noticeable with a full week between episodes) were the (much more vulgar) analogues to Seinfeld episodes that made it into the Curb episodes that didn’t have any of the Seinfeld cast.

For instance, Larry’s reaction to Lewis’s girlfriend offering him a drink was pretty much the same reaction as Jerry being offered Poppy’s pie. Denise Handicapped being disappointed with Larry’s baldness reminded me of when George got a toupee and dated a bald woman who was turned off by George’s baldness revealed. Larry’s cousin-in-law’s horrible hats reminded me of Kramer’s girlfriend’s puffy shirt. And so on.

These also made it into the episodes with Seinfeld characters. Larry insisting that Jason “keep the pen” recalled the space pen episode in Florida.

Of course the fact that Seinfeld storylines were making it into Curb episodes is complicated by the fact that Curb storylines were the basis for the Seinfeld reunion show and that somehow, we’re watching this fictional show with a sense that it is a little closer to reality than Seinfeld was, but in actuality no less fictional than the older show with a laughtrack. There is some serious wormhole action going on. I loved it.

Despite the fictional nature of Curb, however, one aspect rings true. And that is how stupid the NBC exec seemed in the episode where Larry is comped horrible seats at the Staples Center for the Lakers game. How many places did that guy step wrong? He really acted like a penis by comping such awful seats and then ignoring Larry. And considering how horrible his network is doing, why would he cancel ratings gold just because the producer cursed at him when he asked him how he was? He works in Hollywood, for goodness sake. Stars are rude. Even though Larry is a no-con, rather than an icon, he holds sway with four icons.

But then you get this whole Jay Leno / Conan O’Brien fiasco and you realize how stupid the execs at NBC really are. Perhaps Curb knew something more than I was willing to accept just a few days ago.

If I were Conan, I’m pretty sure I would have a “go f*** yourself” at the ready to any NBC exec who asked me how I was doing. And if it led to them firing me with a $45 million severance package, then even better.


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