A Thought about Sarah Palin on Fox

One can see the benefit to both figures. Fox gets someone people love to watch, either because they sympathise with her or because they find her a train-wreck waiting to happen. Palin gets money. I’m not sure what the other benefits for her are, though. Does she need more exposure? Or now that her book tour is over does she see this as a way to sustain the exposure.

But perhaps there’s another reason. She doesn’t like giving interviews to people who might not give her softballs. But she doesn’t want to look like a chicken for not giving them (nor for never giving a press conference, which is a somewhat underrated piece of evidence of her chickenness, in my opinion. What’s she afraid of?) So now she has an excuse not to talk to people on those librul MSM stations that are unfair to her by pushing back. If she works for Fox news, she can tell the other networks that she already has spoken about that subject on her show or O’Reilly’s show or something along those lines.

This way she sustains her exposure on her terms without looking desperate (waders) or silly (Facebook and Twitter) and maybe even hones her interview ability in a soft environment. It’s pretty savvy, if you ask me. But she’s still a chicken until that press conference. If she ever does run for President, do you think she could get away with not giving one? Perhaps her base won’t care, but she couldn’t gain supporters.


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One Response to “A Thought about Sarah Palin on Fox”

  1. Preston Says:

    Honestly, who else wanted her? She is perfect for “Fake News”, enough said.

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