If you want single-payer health care, vote Republican!

This only applies to people in Massachusetts, who already have universal health care. So Mass. is considered a liberal state, right? And they already have universal coverage similar to the proposed bill in Congress, right? But they have a special election coming up where the seat, because of the incompetence and arrogance of the Democratic party there, may end up in the hands of a Republican who would allow for the Senate filibuster if the House wants to have any input in the health care bill.

That a relatively unknown Republican could end up in Ted Kennedy’s old seat ¬†seems crazy to me, considering Kennedy’s advocacy for universal care. But maybe the people of Massachusetts are so liberal, and so principled (and, at the same time so selfish), that they see that eventually, without reform, health care costs will rise so fast as to make health care in the States “single-payer by attrition.” The Economist explains.

Along these lines, how utterly ridiculous and tragically ironic will it be if a Republican junior senator, taking the place of Ted Kennedy, ends up derailing health care reform while his constituency enjoy the benefits of universal care? My British friends are totally flabbergasted at how ungovernable America is considering the power a single senator with a tiny constituency can have, or, in the case of Massachusetts, that a single senator whose constituency won’t be effected can have.

Could this man bring us single-payer?


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