Dick Cheney’s M.O.

It occurred to me a little while back that the reason that Dick Cheney has been dinging Obama about not keeping America safe is not because he thinks that torture is so effective in gaining intelligence (though I think he probably does think that, despite its detriments and the evidence that says otherwise), but because he desperately wants Obama to start using it and he knows he doesn’t have much chance in doing so. He’s essentially pulled the goalie with a 0-3 deficit.

Why does he want Obama to torture? Because he needs someone else to be as evil as he is. If Obama tortures, and someone dies because of it, whether it works or not gives him cover from the revelation of his own evilness. Well, I think it might now be a 0-4 deficit. Check out this new Harpers Monthly story which features a conservative whistleblower who is essentially testifying that the disgusting things that happened at Abu Graib was not the result of a few bad apples, but the tip of the iceberg. This happened in 2006, after we were assured that we weren’t complicit in the torture of “enemy combatants.”

Basically, Dick Cheney is a war criminal. Many of us already knew that. But the evidence is now even greater to support this. I don’t know what Bush and Clinton are required to do as leaders in supporting Haiti, but I’m going to guess that if it requires them to leave the U.S., Bush will stay at home. I suspect that John Yoo, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, and a number of other leaders in the last administration are going to be leaving their passports in safe deposit boxes. They likely don’t want to risk getting picked up at any foreign airport as defendants in a war crimes trial.


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