I wasn’t on team Coco until now

Since I live in the UK and don’t have a TV license, I haven’t really paid much attention to talk shows in the U.S. For all I know, Conan’s been terrible since I graduated from college in the 90s. But I have yet to see any evidence that Jay Leno’s been anything but terrible at pretty much any time. I remember years ago when he decided it would be fun, for no reason I can fathom, to pretend to sting Tom Hanks like a bee (something my 2 year old daughter loves to do [although she hasn’t had the opportunity to do it to Tom Hanks yet]). The reaction on Tom “the nicest guy in Hollywood” Hank’s face said it all. It said, “I will tolerate this unfunny schlemazel for the sake of promoting “Turner and Hooch” and then I’m going home for a bath.” Remember, he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood, but he also has a good sense of humour.

Anyway, Leno’s been pounded and been very unwise as well. And then he does this:

Now I’m just intuiting this, but almost nothing of this rings true to me. I think the curtain has been pulled back and we see that this guy who seems to want to look like the good guy is just a bad guy who wants to look like a good guy. There’s been some looking back at what transpired to send Letterman to CBS and I’m willing to believe that everything said about Leno being an egomaniacal child is true.

Not being funny is one thing, but not being funny and being a lying jerk is unacceptable. Not that I feel sorry for Conan and his $40 million severance package and a waving of his non-competition clause, mind you. But when we’re dealing with Leno, Zucker, Conan, and Letterman, I know who’s sides I’m on–the ones that make me laugh.

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One Response to “I wasn’t on team Coco until now”

  1. Furluge Says:

    I thought that http://www.therestrainingorder.com/?p=2250 had a pretty good run down of the whole thing. I think you have the right of it. The falsehood comes out when you start to dig deeper and find where all the contradictions lie.

    Also I’d point out that in the $40 settlement figure, not all of it is for Conan. (Almost all of it is going to him though so it’s almost not worth mentioning.) But if it goes down the way it’s rumored it’s $32.5 for him, $7.5 for the rest of his staff, and $4.5 for his producer. (He gets left out of the $40 mill number for some reason.)

    I agree I don’t know if I’d be too hurt. But then again he gave up 5 years that he could have been working someplace else for more than he was making on Late Nite and building up an audience there instead of sticking it out with NBC for the promise of a Tonight Show that was going to be stolen away from him after 7 months. In comparison when Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show in 1992 it took him 3 years to beat Letterman. Conan got 7 months to try and accomplish what it took Jay Leno 3 years to do.

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