Remember when Tom Tancredo suggested a civics literacy test?

Well, I think it might be a good idea for “GOP Leaders” as well, since 78% of them believe that Barack Obama is a socialist. What policies that Obama has enacted or tried to enact can be considered socialist, I wonder? It can’t be TARP, since that wasn’t his plan. Perhaps it’s health care reform, a plan that will increase numbers of people on private insurance and contains no public option. That would be ironic also since these same leaders would prefer Mitt Romney (of Romneycare) to be the Republican nominee in 2012 over any other candidate. Is it the stimulus? Well, that is a straight up Keynesian policy and Keynes wasn’t a socialist. Is it that he bailed out banks that employ millionaires but not banks that are run by people in the middle class? Are there policies I’m missing?

Or is it really that GOP leaders don’t actually understand what socialism is? There’s probably another answer, but I just prefer to assume that leaders of the Republican party are really really stupid and ignorant.

(actually, note that the poll was done anonymously, which allows the leaders to sow as much fear as they can without having to answer for it. If regular people read that these so-called leaders [who prefer to remain anonymous, you know, like leaders] think that the president of a different party is a socialist, then perhaps that will trickle down to the voters. Too bad that people don’t trust Republican leaders as much as they trust Obama.)


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