Still trying to understand Pat Robertson

Man, this guy is something else. I mentioned in an earlier post that Robertson has a kind of retributive theology, which is akin to a prosperity gospel. He seems to believe that the ends justify the means in a way. That is, if something bad happens, then you probably did something to deserve it. Likewise, if something good happens, then you probably did something to deserve it. Forget the various passages in the Bible, (esp. Job and Ecclesiastes, several of the prophets, and also several passages in the Gospels) that challenge that position.

Well, here he is giving aid to Charles Taylor, of all people. What was his reasoning? Does he think that if Charles Taylor had someone killed, then they probably deserved it since they died and Taylor is alive? But the rich thing about the story, to me, is that Robertson’s highly immoral, essentially anti-Christian, business venture to exploit the resources of poor countries with corrupt governments for his own wealth gains resulted in no profits. Ahhh. That is what we call poetic justice, not retributive theology. You see, retributive theology would result in Robertson being imprisoned for being an accomplice to war crimes.


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