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If Tea Party racists are only a small faction of the group, then denouncing them can only help you

March 21, 2010

I think it’s telling that Republicans refuse to denounce racism at Tea Party protests while dismissing the racism as a fringe element of the group. If they really believe racism to be a problem, in general, and that the Tea Party is not racist but has only a few members who share racist beliefs, then it shouldn’t hurt the cause at all to say that racist epithets will not be tolerated at these events. In fact, I would think it would help because it would free others to join in on the group who might be slow to join because it just seems like racists are a major part to those of us who only hear stories like this one. It seems like a reasonable and obvious tack, but that would not represent the current Republican party–reasonable and obvious, they are not.

UPDATE: (more…)

How bad were the Mavericks of the early 90s? Does the name Mike Iuzzolino ring a bell?

March 20, 2010

Maybe the reason I never really got into NBA Jam in 1993 was because my home team had the two man lineup of… Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzolino. Derek Harper was a good player, but a point guard can only get you so far if the next best player on your team is another point guard (5’10”) who was in the league for 2 years. (more…)

Why should the Democrats trust Republicans?

March 14, 2010

Look, the GOP is clearly setting itself up for November’s elections, right? They’re not really contributing to the legislating being done in the chambers. So if their MO is one that seems to be to win at all costs, then why would the Democrats listen to them? For instance, when Sen. McDonnell warns the Democrats that passing this bill, or ramming it down the American people’s throats, will result in the Democrats losing in November, why is he giving the Democrats advice? (more…)