Why should the Democrats trust Republicans?

Look, the GOP is clearly setting itself up for November’s elections, right? They’re not really contributing to the legislating being done in the chambers. So if their MO is one that seems to be to win at all costs, then why would the Democrats listen to them? For instance, when Sen. McDonnell warns the Democrats that passing this bill, or ramming it down the American people’s throats, will result in the Democrats losing in November, why is he giving the Democrats advice? If the American people don’t want health care reform, then wouldn’t he just keep quiet, vote against the bill explaining why (so that the GOP has a position to take in November), and let the Democrats lose in November? In other words, why should the Democrats listen to their advice if the Republicans are only hoping to win seats in November?

The other odd thing the GOP is doing is relying on polls of their choosing. They’re saying that the American people don’t want health care reform so it isn’t a good idea to pass it. They say that if less than 50% of the American people want something than it’s not worth doing (but if 50-60% of the Senate wants to do something, then it’s also not worth doing). But do you want to know what less than 50% of the American people didn’t want in 2008? The GOP running things, that’s what! But that didn’t stop the GOP from acting like the American people wanted them running things. So again, why should the Democrats want to do anything the Republicans want?

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