If Tea Party racists are only a small faction of the group, then denouncing them can only help you

I think it’s telling that Republicans refuse to denounce racism at Tea Party protests while dismissing the racism as a fringe element of the group. If they really believe racism to be a problem, in general, and that the Tea Party is not racist but has only a few members who share racist beliefs, then it shouldn’t hurt the cause at all to say that racist epithets will not be tolerated at these events. In fact, I would think it would help because it would free others to join in on the group who might be slow to join because it just seems like racists are a major part to those of us who only hear stories like this one. It seems like a reasonable and obvious tack, but that would not represent the current Republican party–reasonable and obvious, they are not.

UPDATE: Ahh, instead of condemning the racism, I see that a congressman has excused it. Does this numbnuts think that this will fix the problem? Does he think that Democratic swing voters will listen to him and think, “you know I was considering passing the health care bill, but now that I have a chance to side with blatant racists who dare use the n-word in 2010 if I vote no, I think I want to be associated with the racists”?

Obviously, this is absurd. And it’s really not very good politics. It might have been a successful strategy in 1964, but I really hope that most people don’t want to be associated with naked racism today. Again, if you really believe in the cause of small government, prove it and condemn the racists.

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2 Responses to “If Tea Party racists are only a small faction of the group, then denouncing them can only help you”

  1. Judy Belak Says:

    We are not racists, we are concerned American citizens. Its not about race, its about Power and Big Government. People need to get their head our of the sand and see things as they really are. This is what happens when God is taken our of country. God Bless this wonderland land that my father fought for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ivangoddard Says:

      Judy, I understand that aspect of the Tea Parties and I could quibble with it, but that’s not my point. My point is that if the Tea Party is not racist as a whole, then why don’t like minded people condemn the clearly racist rhetoric being spewed at some of the events. If you go to the links in the post, you’ll see that I’m talking about calling John Lewis a n*gger to his face. Just claiming y’all aren’t racists makes it look like you either don’t know what racism means or that you’re the people with heads in the sand.

      If it’s not about race, then don’t call Civil Rights Movement leaders racist slurs and, better yet, call out the people who do use racist slurs (and who spit on black congressmen). Announce to the world that they aren’t welcome at your rallies. If you did that and if Tea Party supporting congresspeople did that, then I for one would have an easier time taking you seriously.

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