Newsflash: Arab Miss USA just better looking than loser from Oklahoma

I think that beauty pageants are stupid and somewhat demeaning. But I suppose it might be more demeaning to be a subject on Fox and Friends

Miss USA, from my understanding, is ostensibly more demeaning than Miss America because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even have a talent competition. Miss USA is almost entirely based on physical beauty. Well, I hate to break it to the Mimbos and Bimbos at Fox and Friends, but the woman who won is incredibly attractive and the loser from Oklahoma, is kind of generically pretty and uses too much makeup. Based on the pictures below, it seemed like a nobrainer. (Am I participating in the demeaning behaviour of pageantry by reposting these pictures?)

Rima Fakih (the clear winner) on top and Miss Oklahoma, Morgan Wollard below


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