Sarah Palin is “The Dark Knight”

An acquaintance of mine is asking people to invest in a movie idea of his. It sounds pretty bad. I wasn’t going to invest anyway. But here’s the thing: in drumming up support for it, he tells potential investors that they can be a part of a real Hollywood movie. How is it real Hollywood? Because he lives in LA. Nothing else about it is Hollywood except for the location. To me, that isn’t Hollywood at all. Hollywood to me means establishment dollars, association with a studio, star power, and often a formula plot. This will have none of that except the formula plot, which I won’t reveal for a variety of reasons (But trust me, you aren’t missing anything because you’ve likely already seen a movie with all the elements he would reveal on his solicitation email).

Just being in Hollywood doesn’t make a movie Hollywood. In fact, many movies not made in Hollywood are “real Hollywood” movies. For instance, is there any more Hollywood of a movie out right now than “Sex and the City 2”, which is filmed in Morocco? Likewise, much of “The Dark Knight” was filmed in Chicago and the United Kingdom. They probably spent some time in Hollywood, but even if they did not, it was a real Hollywood movie. It has huge star power, association with a studio, and lots and lots of establishment dollars.

When I say that Sarah Palin is “The Dark Knight” I do not mean that she is Batman. I mean that she is like a real Hollywood movie despite not spending much time in Hollywood. Except that in this case, she is a real Washington DC politician despite her claims not to be one. She has huge establishment dollars, association with a studio (in this case the Republican party, in association with the Tea Party), and huge star power. She’s not entirely a formula film, but she’s not entirely original either. The Dark Knight was original, but it was still a movie about Batman, of which there is plenty of precedent.

So no matter her claims, she cannot escape from being a member of the Washington DC establishment. This is not really a bad thing. It gives her a lot more power and a lot more resources than she would have otherwise. But it does undercut her anti-establishment claims. Her claims consistently deconstruct themselves, though, so this should not alarm her either.

The crazy thing is that now that the rumors have started that she had breast augmentation surgery, spotted at a horserace where she owned a horse, she is definitely more Hollywood than not while also being more Washington DC than not (by the way, I think it is more damaging to her image to own a multimillion dollar race horse than that she potentially had a boob job. “Real Americans” get boob jobs. “Real Americans” do not enter horses in the Belmont Stakes). An interesting hybrid for a person who claims to be a small town conservative Christian from Alaska.


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