Everyone else should be president

Every news outlet seems to think it can sell more copy or get more eyeballs if they act like a Dear Abby for the White House. Google “Obama should” and go to news and you have the choice of 1,070 articles containing that brief phrase. Obama should lay off of BP, Obama should punch the CEO of BP in the nose, Obama should stop playing golf, Obama should keep playing golf, Obama should have given this speech, Obama should stop telling Israel what to do, Obama should, Obama should, etc.

I’m not really complaining. I suppose that this has always been an angle in article writing. Everyone has a small sliver of a dream that they should be running the country and they know how the president should be doing things. I do it too. I certainly thought I knew what George W. Bush should have been doing rather than torturing and invading. But interestingly enough, if Obama were to take all the advice he is given, I suspect he would end up doing the exact same thing since they all seem to counteract each other.

On a scarier note, when I started typing in “Obama should” in Google, some other less helpful advice was auto-filled-in. I’ll let you discover it for yourself. I’m not really comfortable writing it down.

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