American football is unamerican

I will not be allowing my children to play American football. It has become a type of gladiatorial event for bloodlusters. I don’t even know if I can watch it anymore. It seems that brain damage is becoming the norm for football players at its highest levels. Chris Henry was a wide receiver, for goodness sakes. Who get hit on the head less than them on the team?

I recall a great article from Mars Hill Review several years ago that argues that Baseball is a sport for republicans (small ‘r’) and football is a sport for imperialists. Baseball requires individual effort and team effort. Baseball players play both offence and defence. The goal is to go home. etc. Football, on the other hand, is about gaining other people’s land. One plays only offence or defence, and besides the quarterback and perhaps a half back in some offensive set pieces, each player has only one job.

Also, as someone who hasn’t lived in the U.S. for over a decade, I don’t get much pleasure watching football or talking about it since no one understands it outside of Americans. I love basketball the most, because most countries play it. I also enjoy soccer, even if that makes me ostensibly unamerican. But Soccer follows more republican principles than does American football, plus, other than Nestor Ortigoza of Paraguay, soccer players are almost all in good shape. The same cannot be said for offensive linemen on an American football team. Now we learn that physical fitness is not the only thing that suffers from the demands of the modern NFL, but so does mental fitness. I can’t say that stupidity isn’t a grand American trait, but it shouldn’t be.


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