Swedish Nanny Severance Package

How’s this for a catch-22. Elin Nordegren will be getting $750 million dollars in her divorce settlement. I presume that she gets that money because Tiger Woods’ value as a brand is worth more if he looks like a responsible father and husband. So her existence ramps up his value and therefore she should get a big chunk of his earnings.

But she wouldn’t have divorced him if that illusion was in place, right? In other words, the cause of her divorce is also the cause of his devaluation. Therefore, it is difficult to argue that she should get the $750 million settlement because he isn’t worth enough to justify the money if they’re not together.

If I invested a large amount of money in BP several months ago in the form of stock, I could argue that my investment benefitted the value of the company. But now the stock has tanked and I want out. The value has gone down, but my presence had ostensibly raised the value previously. I want out of the relationship but I can’t argue that I could get the full worth of my investment back, can I? The value has gone down despite my investment and I’m SOL. Is it my fault that a well exploded, ruining the value of the stock? No. But it is my fault for not realising the risk of investing in an irresponsible company.

And as much as I feel sorry for Elin Nordegren and don’t begrudge her at all for leaving Woods and getting as much money out of him as possible, is she entirely blameless for hooking up with a good-looking professional athlete who’s on the road for most of the year? It did seem out of character, what Woods did, but not for the profession at all.

I don’t pretend to understand family law, but even if I did (and had a law degree, of course) I would never practice it. Not that I would ever have clients like these two, but it just makes no sense.


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