One more thing about the stupidity of Marc Thiessen

I know that his post on soccer as socialist sport might have been done tongue in cheek, but unless he was writing satire a la Colbert–that is, over the top neoconservatism done in order to unmask the stupidity of neoconservatism–he failed at producing anything humorous. There has to be some logic or truth to what you’re saying for it to work as satire. Socialists don’t use their hands is such complete idiocy that he only makes himself look like a stupid torture advocate.

My wife and I have been watching the first season of “The West Wing” and the one thing that bothers me at all about the show is that despite the impressive verisimilitude on so many of the details, I can’t get around the problems posed by so few characters being in charge of so many things. For instance, why are the head of PR and a speech writer running the polling station? Also, is it normal for speech writers and the press secretary to have so much control over policy and back room deals with Congress? I just can’t imagine Jon Favreau meeting with military officers to talk about repealing DADT or Dana Perino walking into President Bush’s bedroom to discuss policy.

I think about how stupid Marc Thiessen seems to be, how utterly humorless he is and how pedestrian his critical thinking skills are and I’m convinced that “The West Wing” is conflating a large number of personnel for a more easily manageable drama. That speech writers don’t get so much access to the inner workings of the WH. But then I think of how disastrous the Bush presidency was for the country, the GOP, and the world and I wonder if Marc Thiessen might have been more involved in things than we realise.

Thanks for breaking the world, Marc Thiessen!


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