Experience overrated for Presidential potential

Granted, there isn’t a lot of evidence to any study on what makes a good president like there would be on what makes a good senator or what makes a good CEO or point guard since there’ve been so few presidents of the US. On the other hand, the presidents that are considered great have not necessarily had much prior experience, which includes executive experience.

I’ve been saying this all along (just not on this blog), which is why I think that Palin’s lack of experience shouldn’t keep people from voting for her. For instance, just look at Teddy Roosevelt. He had been governor of New York for a year before he became vice president. He was vice president for 6 months before becoming president. And now he’s on Mount Rushmore. He actually had less experience as an executive than half-term governor Sarah Palin.

The reason people shouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin is because she’s a quitter. And a compulsive liar. And cannot seem to answer questions in complete sentences. And is content not to know or learn things important for a person running the country. And cares more about being divisive than building consensus. And she seems stupid. Lastly, her proposed policies are horrible.


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