I know I’m an elitist, but…

there is little in me that would allow for this type of activity from someone I would consider fit to run for President:

Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin go

camping together

Let’s get a few things straight: Sarah Palin doesn’t want my vote if she runs. I’m not American enough for her, anyway. The people’s votes she wants are those that have any interest in Kate Gosselin and think that it’s okay for the potential leader of the Free World to spend time with Kate Gosselin. Are there enough people in America that would not be turned off by such actions? I suppose that some people could get by it. But nothing, and I mean nothing Palin has done since she has been thrust into the spotlight by John McCain has made me at all consider this woman to be fit for the presidency.

I’d gladly vote for someone with a degree from a non-elite college. Lyndon Johnson, after all, graduated from what, in my time in college, was considered the leading party school in Texas with few other redeeming characteristics. I believe Johnson to have been an effective, if troubled president.

I don’t believe Johnson would have been interested in camping with or fostering the careers of D-list celebrities. What part of this woman’s life isn’t a train wreck?


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