Is Islam a nationality? Christianity is.

Much of the criticism of Ron Ramsey has been about him calling Islam a “cult or whatever you want to call it.” But I also thought it interesting that he suggested it might be a nationality. Reason being that Christianity is a nationality depending on how one defines nationality. Jesus didn’t preach tolerance or accepting him as your personal lord and savior. He preached the Kingdom of God. It is at hand, he says. I don’t think Christians take this seriously enough. If one should read the bible literally or believe in its inerrancy as many do, one has to contend with what it means to participate or become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. I wonder what the recent xenophobic comments coming from the religious right would become if those calling for Muslims to refudiate a mosque or asking Latinos to show their papers took seriously the notion that Christians are citizens of a monarchical nation undefined by borders. Just saying.


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