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It’s happening, ctd.

September 19, 2010

More on Glenn Beck as false prophet in the evangelical movement.

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Koran burning like buying chewed gum

September 9, 2010

Terry Jones has a tiny church in Florida. If he offends people in his church, they can leave and no one will care or listen to them. He has a much greater chance of increasing his membership by generating major controversy through hating on a religion most Americans don’t care for in the first place. In a world where publicity counts more than integrity, Jones is doing the smart thing.

When I noticed everyone commenting on this story, it reminded me of the gum company that bought a piece of used gum by Luis Gonzalez on EBay for $10,000. Why would anyone spend that much on something worth so little? Because it was so outrageous and no one had ever done it before so it got a lot of publicity for a company. This article, on the subject, suggests that the $10,000 spent on the worthless gum was worth $500,000 in advertising because of the free publicity that went along with it. How is this any different than what Jones is doing this weekend? He will be forever famous because of this stunt. He will get an infinite number of hits on his website and if he writes a book, he will be able to sell it to more people. It’s a win-win situation, really.

There will be copycats, as well, won’t there? But they can’t do the same thing or no one will care.

It’s happening

September 3, 2010

There is apparently, a bit of concern among conservative evangelicals over Glenn Beck and his theology. This is no surprise. The only surprise to me is that it isn’t a bigger deal, though it may become one. Beck is opening himself up to a dangerous place. It’s almost as if he doesn’t realise how serious a threat Mormonism is taken to be among otherwise likeminded Christians.

I had the opportunity to ask a conservative protestant minister from Utah about the spirituality of Beck and his rally recently and the response was what I would have expected before getting a little confused by the underreported nature of the religiosity of it. That is, I got a very long rant about the craziness of Mormonism and its insidious evangelistic techniques. The pastor and his wife, who seem otherwise disposed to the conservative republican agenda and especially the low tax Tea Party talk (we had had a conversation about the “evils of Obamacare” and the tax code in Britain earlier) were not happy about Mormons using Scripture and the patois of evangelical Christianity in order to promote their own particular theology. Consider this tweet by Reihan Salaam:

Who else thinks Beck is more of a tent revivalist than a political pitchman, and that his ultimate goal is to win souls for the LDS Church?4:28 PM Aug 29th via Twitterrific

This will likely not end well for Beck. Or perhaps he is so savvy that he will know to change gears before it blows up in his face and people’s ministers start preaching against him from the pulpit. It might not make a dent in the size of his audience, but who knows.

Ironically, you know who might come to his defence in the end? Jim Wallis, who writes in an open letter to Beck:

I’ve been asked by people in the media if it matters that you are a Mormon. I unequivocally answer, no, it does not. We don’t want more anti-Mormon bigotry any more than we want the anti-Muslim bigotry now rising up across the country.

One interesting side note: In the conversation I had with the pastor from Utah, I asked him about Mitt Romney and if Glenn Beck might be making Romney more acceptable to conservative evangelicals. He said that he didn’t think that Romney would be a bad president and that him being a Mormon wouldn’t affect it either, but he sounded awfully guarded when discussing whether he would vote for him or not. “I suppose if he were running against a far left Democrat I would still vote for him.” Wow, there was nothing this guy said that suggested he would consider voting for any Democrat, but maybe Romney would do it. On the other hand, he certainly talked about Obama as if he were a far left Democrat, so maybe I’m being generous. No far left Democrat would ever have thought of Obama as one of them. He is merely a gateway for a far left agenda. Much like Beck is for Mormonism.