Does Matt Continetti believe his own book?

Continetti wrote a book called The Persecution of Sarah Palin, which I have no interest in reading, but I assume that its thesis is that Sarah Palin was persecuted by the media and that said persecution hurt her credibility unfairly. 

But now Jonathan Chait writes about Continetti arguing (fallaciously) that Sarah Palin did not hurt McCain’s campaign, despite evidence from actual political scientists. But if Palin didn’t hurt McCain, wouldn’t that hurt Continetti’s book’s thesis? If Palin didn’t hurt McCain, then who cares if Palin is being persecuted. The persecution had no real effect on the campaign, so why write a book about it?

I know the answer, by the way, and anyone with a brain can figure it out, too.

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One Response to “Does Matt Continetti believe his own book?”

  1. CC Says:

    As a flag-waving liberal, I am continually amazed at how long Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes have lasted. Every time I see a new interview, rally, or book I shake my head and then grin sadistically.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be better for the Democratic party than for Palin to become the face of the Tea Party movement.

    So thank the Lord for her and her thick skin!

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