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Mediocre books make better movie adaptations than great books.

May 25, 2010

This was pretty much the point I was going to make in my earlier post. I would quibble with No Country for Old Men only because I think it is actually McCarthy’s worst book and the one that felt the most like a movie adaptation waiting to happen. I’d also point out the several and various Jane Austen adaptations and that Pride and Prejudice seems to be made into a decent movie every decade and it is also probably her best book. (Perhaps a Northanger Abbey film will win an Oscar?)

I’d also quibble with Shakespeare’s works being turned into good movies since they were not books in the first place but were meant to be performed. (On a side note, wasn’t it weird that Kenneth Branagh was nominated for a best screenplay Oscar for Hamlet?)

But the general point is the same that mine was going to be and I can’t believe that I had never seen it made until today even thought I’d been meaning to write it for about a year now. Oh well, I beat the general idea by a few days. (more…)

A good idea for a film adaptation

May 12, 2010

Apparently, David Cronenberg will be filming an adaptation of Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis. My first thought was, “That was one of the most disappointing books I’ve read in a long time. Why would you want to turn that into a movie?” (more…)

Best Books of the Decade

December 24, 2009

(of the ones I read).

I decided to contribute to the end of the decade festivities by creating my own best of the decade book list. Since I’ve lived outside of the US the entire decade I haven’t seen much TV like the Wire or the Sopranos. I rarely watch movies and I rarely read hardcover books, so I’m not a great resource for these lists. I also rarely buy music anymore so I could give opinions on the first half of the decade music-wise, but feel pretty out of the loop.

Instead, I’ll just note the best (or most affecting) books in different categories that I’ve read in the 21st century without paying attention to their publication date. (more…)