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How bad were the Mavericks of the early 90s? Does the name Mike Iuzzolino ring a bell?

March 20, 2010

Maybe the reason I never really got into NBA Jam in 1993 was because my home team had the two man lineup of… Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzolino. Derek Harper was a good player, but a point guard can only get you so far if the next best player on your team is another point guard (5’10”) who was in the league for 2 years. (more…)


10th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution!

January 5, 2010

I can’t speak for many other towns, but it seems like the owners of sports teams in Dallas are particularly idiosyncratic. It takes a strange person to buy a sports team. But I think that Mark Cuban’s M.O. for owning the Mavericks might be the most sane. He doesn’t make money on one of the most successful teams in the NBA because he doesn’t consider it his job. He’s kind of like some friends of mine are about bicycles. They don’t work on them for a living, but enjoy working on them and riding them and helping others work on them. They might make some money here and there selling a rebuilt bike, but that’s not why they do it. (more…)