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Sarah Palin is “The Dark Knight”

June 10, 2010

An acquaintance of mine is asking people to invest in a movie idea of his. It sounds pretty bad. I wasn’t going to invest anyway. But here’s the thing: in drumming up support for it, he tells potential investors that they can be a part of a real Hollywood movie. How is it real Hollywood? Because he lives in LA. Nothing else about it is Hollywood except for the location. To me, that isn’t Hollywood at all. Hollywood to me means establishment dollars, association with a studio, star power, and often a formula plot. This will have none of that except the formula plot, which I won’t reveal for a variety of reasons (But trust me, you aren’t missing anything because you’ve likely already seen a movie with all the elements he would reveal on his solicitation email).

Just being in Hollywood doesn’t make a movie Hollywood. In fact, many movies not made in Hollywood are “real Hollywood” movies. (more…)

Mediocre books make better movie adaptations than great books.

May 25, 2010

This was pretty much the point I was going to make in my earlier post. I would quibble with No Country for Old Men only because I think it is actually McCarthy’s worst book and the one that felt the most like a movie adaptation waiting to happen. I’d also point out the several and various Jane Austen adaptations and that Pride and Prejudice seems to be made into a decent movie every decade and it is also probably her best book. (Perhaps a Northanger Abbey film will win an Oscar?)

I’d also quibble with Shakespeare’s works being turned into good movies since they were not books in the first place but were meant to be performed. (On a side note, wasn’t it weird that Kenneth Branagh was nominated for a best screenplay Oscar for Hamlet?)

But the general point is the same that mine was going to be and I can’t believe that I had never seen it made until today even thought I’d been meaning to write it for about a year now. Oh well, I beat the general idea by a few days. (more…)

A good idea for a film adaptation

May 12, 2010

Apparently, David Cronenberg will be filming an adaptation of Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis. My first thought was, “That was one of the most disappointing books I’ve read in a long time. Why would you want to turn that into a movie?” (more…)

A weird year for movie titles?

January 13, 2010

I don’t see many movies the year they come out so I can’t say much about the great ones that came out this past year. What I saw that I liked: In the Loop; Inglourious Basterds; and, to a lesser extent Up, The Hangover and (500) Days of Summer, the last of which seems to come up more than any movie I’ve ever watched when discussing romance, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. with friends. I’m sure there are other movies out there like it, but I can’t think of any. I enjoyed Adventureland, too, but not as much. (Incidentally, I saw three of those movies on airplanes, which tells you something about my moviegoing habits.)

So I can’t say much about the great movies of the past year other than I think that Up wasn’t as good as everyone led me to believe. I thought that Wall-E was better I think I like The Incredibles more, as well. What I have noticed is the year in movie titles. Below the jump is a list of what I’m talking about:


Margaret Cho to star in a remake of Beverly Hills Cop!

January 7, 2010

Well, not really. Okay, not at all. Though would you be surprised if it were to happen? Especially after Karate Kid is being remade with Jackie Chan as Mr. Myagi? From the trailer, it looks like a pretty close remake too except the kids are younger and are in China. Do they speak English in the movie? My guess is probably.

Part of the problem with remakes and especially why they are often so terrible is that they are unnecessary. Why remake Psycho when the original is still great? Why remake the Bad News Bears? The Karate Kid is still a good movie.

Ocean’s 11 I can get behind since the first didn’t live up to its promise. If you want to be lazy and remake a movie, why not go for something that could stand to be remade. Like The Clash of the Titans (which is being done). The special effects of that 80s film are quite dated now and it’s not exactly a classic (despite its story being mined from the Classics). That’s the type of film to remake, I guess. But not all sci-fi/fantasy films that rely on special effects. Don’t remake Star Wars. And don’t remake Beverly Hills Cop.

Part of the problem with thinking these movies up is that the originals should be forgettable for the remake to be anything resembling a worthwhile task. So you can’t be terribly lazy. You have to do some research and put some thought into it.

Crazy Heart = Tender Mercies?

December 18, 2009

I’m really looking forward to Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges. While watching the trailer, I noticed that Robert Duvall is also in it and that made me think of another movie about a talented and all but forgotten country singer called Tender Mercies.

IMDB describes the older film’s plot thusly: “A broken-down, middle-aged country singer gets a new wife, reaches out to his long-lost daughter, and tries to put his troubled life back together.”

The trailer of Crazy Heart looks very similar, but change the daughter to grandson.

Tender Mercies trailer after the jump (with the grizzled singer throwing the football with a young boy rather than taking him to the park): (more…)

The funniest line I’ve heard in a movie in quite a while.

November 22, 2009

Just flew to New Orleans. I watched 3 movies on the Amsterdam to Memphis flight: the Hangover, 500 days of Summer, and State of Play.

State of Play was pretty good, but could have been better. It made me want to watch the British tv series.

500 days of Summer is a Po-Mo Cutester Rom-com. (Cutester is a neologism combining the words cutesy and hipster. I actually really liked the movie since it’s way more realistic than most Rom-coms. Let’s face it, we all have experiences like the main character, who falls deeply in love, but it doesn’t work out and that’s it. He has to deal with the love of his life’s new life with another man. And she’s not really a bitch like Sarah Marshall or another archetypical girlfriend foil.

The Hangover was very funny, and very reminiscent of Old School with Zach Galifin… in the Will Ferrell role. He also had one of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a movie in quite a while. In discussing counting cards at a Vegas blackjack table, his friends say, “counting cards is illegal.” Zach G. responds, “No, it’s just frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane.”

Maybe it was just funny because I was watching it on an airplane, but I embarrassed myself laughing in my seat with my headphones on.