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Everyone else should be president

June 22, 2010

Every news outlet seems to think it can sell more copy or get more eyeballs if they act like a Dear Abby for the White House. Google “Obama should” and go to news and you have the choice of 1,070 articles containing that brief phrase. Obama should lay off of BP, Obama should punch the CEO of BP in the nose, Obama should stop playing golf, Obama should keep playing golf, Obama should have given this speech, Obama should stop telling Israel what to do, Obama should, Obama should, etc. (more…)

I take full responsibility. But I am still a victim.

November 10, 2009

Eternal victim Carrie Prejean won’t go away. When I heard she had a sex tape, I thought, well that didn’t end well. But it didn’t end, did it? Now she has a book and plugged it on that other ridiculous hypocrite Sean Hannity’s show.

Here’s the link. (more…)

Very important quotation marks

November 2, 2009

When I first read this headline, I thought Lieberman had had a change of heart.

Fox News Inadvertantly Argues that America is Liberal

October 30, 2009

I had written the article below the jump for the sadly defuncting a few weeks ago (18 September, 2009). They have kindly lent me permission to republish it and my other articles here. I’m choosing this one right now because it complements this article by John Scalzi fairly well.

Scalzi writes:

[The White House’s war on Fox] is good news for Fox News, since four decades of conservative railing against “the liberal media” has given it a core of like-minded viewers, who being conservative are also loyal… But it’s also good for the White House, because at the end of the day, Fox News’ nightly audience in the third quarter of this year was 2.25 million viewers in primetime (source). For perspective this means that it has roughly the same audience as your average Dollhouse episode,which was just yanked by Fox (the broadcast network, not the cable news network), so that its ratings wouldn’t stink up November Sweeps. Even with Fox News’ ratings going through the roof because of its little war with Obama, the actual number of viewers is minuscule. Or to put it otherwise, 2.5 million Americans watch Fox News, which means that 297.5 million Americans don’t.