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Ways to know you’ve failed as a father

July 27, 2010

It’s pretty easy to be a good father. If you are seen on the town with your kids and your wife is not with you, people will think you are a good father. If you read books and change your kids’ diapers occasionally, if you tell them you love them and feed them well, don’t deprive them but don’t spoil them either, if you seem genuinely happy to be around them, you will in all likelihood be a good father. Your kids will love you and that may be all that matters.

But things can blow up in your face and that’s why being a good father requires taking no time off. (more…)

Catch-22 for toddlers

January 15, 2010

It is time for my child’s nap. She says she’s not ready to go. I assume that she is, so I take her up to her room. She cries, either because she is tired and ready to take a nap or because she is not tired and can’t express her frustration with me taking her to her room any other way. She can’t win, really.