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Still trying to understand Pat Robertson

February 15, 2010

Man, this guy is something else. I mentioned in an earlier post that Robertson has a kind of retributive theology, which is akin to a prosperity gospel. He seems to believe that the ends justify the means in a way. That is, if something bad happens, then you probably did something to deserve it. Likewise, if something good happens, then you probably did something to deserve it. Forget the various passages in the Bible, (esp. Job and Ecclesiastes, several of the prophets, and also several passages in the Gospels) that challenge that position.

Well, here he is giving aid to Charles Taylor, of all people. (more…)

Trying to understand Pat Robertson, the Temanite

January 14, 2010

Many people have been posting Pat Robertson’s pretty vile explanation of the Haitian earthquake. No one that I’ve seen has attempted to justify what he says, though. I’m sure some people agree with him since he has such a following, but I’m not sure how significant it is.

As horrible as what he said is, something must be behind it. Though he has said a number of racist things in the past, I don’t know if his motivation is purely racist in this case. I think what he does is that when he sees something horrendous occur in the world, either naturally or at the hands of humans, he feels there must be some reason for it.

His moral imagination is tied to his theology. He has a view of God that is quite strong, for good or bad. If Haiti has experienced such a tragic history, something must be at the root of it. So he does a cursory glance at the history of Haiti and notes that they have a voodoo religion. Matt Yglesias does a good job of explaining it here. (more…)