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Since we’re talking about awards

December 12, 2009

I wrote this a few months ago for and thought it fitting in a way with respect to the previous post on the Nobel Peace Prize: (more…)

Why it was good that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize despite his not deserving it

December 12, 2009

I mean really, what’s the big deal about the Nobel Peace Prize anyway? It comes with a hefty bag of cash but other than that, who cares? I can see how the prizes in Medicine or Physics or Literature can give some recognition in an otherwise recognition-free slog of research or writing, but they are still prizes given by a small group of people as fallen as the next group of people. Two-hundred people were nominated for the peace prize in February and we won’t find out who the other nominees were for several decades, but I will give $500 to anyone who remembers this post when the nominees are announced if George W. Bush was not one of those other nominees. Granted, no one reads this and $500 won’t be very much money then, but I’m pretty sure that someone nominated him anyway. (more…)