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Why do people who don’t like soccer have to create some political reason to do so?

July 7, 2010

Forget about the fact that this guy doesn’t link to anyone that actually fulfills his stereotype. I’m sure some people would argue about the great diversity that exists in soccer over and against that of American sports, but that would be stupid because anyone with eyes knows that American sports are very very diverse. Nevertheless, this guy doesn’t actually link to those straw men, so let’s forget he didn’t.

Instead, I’m going to argue why I love the World Cup rather than why I think he’s wrong for trying to argue something I, as someone who probably fits his stereotype in other ways, never disputed. (more…)

If there was any doubt that Marc Thiessen is unable to think critically, we have more proof

July 2, 2010

Actually, I really just want to call him a fucking moron, but that would be rude.

Anyway, here is an article that he wrote for a think tank, which makes me wonder what people do at think tanks. I would love a job at a think tank since I’m positive I’m a better thinker than this numbnuts. (more…)

Swedish Nanny Severance Package

July 1, 2010

How’s this for a catch-22. Elin Nordegren will be getting $750 million dollars in her divorce settlement. I presume that she gets that money because Tiger Woods’ value as a brand is worth more if he looks like a responsible father and husband. So her existence ramps up his value and therefore she should get a big chunk of his earnings. (more…)

France Surrenders, or the question of European Football hegemony

June 22, 2010

France is pretty much toast. England, we’ll find out tomorrow. Spain and Germany have been inconsistent. Portugal may be great, but it’s hard to tell. Meanwhile, Latin America looks fantastic, with Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, and probably Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile moving on. Poor Honduras was unfortunately stuck playing Chile and Spain. (more…)

Football/Soccer Team Logos Inaccurate

June 22, 2010

I googled “Uruguay Mexico Tie” since I couldn’t figure out why either team would want to try given that they could advance with only an extra point a piece leaving France out of the knockout stage. This article explains why Mexico might actually try to win. Uruguay will probably still advance with a loss, but they would have to play Argentina. Mexico would have to play Argentina if they tie. Their point differential is a bit better than France’s, so either team would still likely advance even if they tried to beat each other. Whatever the case, don’t bet on a tie unless you get better odds than 4-5 since it’s likely they will collude in some way–Mexico might rest players but let the subs try.

But this is all beside the point. On the site that explained why Mexico might actually try in the game there is a picture of all the teams’ logos. I can’t save it as a picture so you’ll just have to go yourself. The thing I noticed is that the several teams that have a football on the logo have one with the traditional white hexagons and black pentagons: (more…)

Reason #12 for why Soccer will not become a major American Sport any time soon

June 16, 2010

The box scores are crap. Sports fans are kind of geeky in the states. We don’t beat people up for wearing the jersey of our rivals. We argue with them about why their team isn’t any good with statistics. (more…)

One of the more curious things about Virginia’s Confederate History Month

April 12, 2010

As a Southerner, myself, I can understand the fascination with the Confederacy more than those people who hail from the North, I suppose. But I find it interesting that people in the South like to consistently bring up the fact that they are losers. My favorite scene in “A Fish Called Wanda” is when John Cleese is prodding Kevin Kline while waste deep in a barrel of oil. Kline says that the U.S. has never lost a war and Cleese brings up Vietnam. Kline claims it was a tie.

The fact is that Americans don’t like losers and tend to downplay our own losing. I think one of the reasons soccer will never truly take off is that the national team doesn’t win and they won’t win until soccer takes off. It’s a catch-22 that does not bode well for the beautiful game in the USA.

To show how little we like losing, note that the only president in living memory that I can think of that won the national election after having previously lost it is Richard Nixon (others had lost primaries only to come back and win the whole thing, but that’s a bit different). In Nixon’s case, where he lost to JFK in 1960 and then won in 1968, is a special case since LBJ decided not to run, RFK was killed, and George Wallace ran as a third party candidate which skewed the final results. Otherwise, losers don’t fare well in the proudest country in the world. (more…)

How bad were the Mavericks of the early 90s? Does the name Mike Iuzzolino ring a bell?

March 20, 2010

Maybe the reason I never really got into NBA Jam in 1993 was because my home team had the two man lineup of… Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzolino. Derek Harper was a good player, but a point guard can only get you so far if the next best player on your team is another point guard (5’10”) who was in the league for 2 years. (more…)

My assessment of Winter Olympic sports

February 28, 2010

I’m not really that into who wins or loses the medal count in the Winter Olympics (although I find it interesting that the BBC puts Canada at the top of the leader board because of number of golds, while ESPN puts USA at the top because of total medals. I wonder if ESPN would put USA at the top if the medal totals were switched. It seems more American to praise winners rather than top 3 finishers, doesn’t it? Americans are, after all, the ones who denigrate soccer because of the ties, right? We also don’t like soccer because the MLS doesn’t feature the best in the world, while the NBA and MLB do. So why do we even count silver and bronze medals?). But I do know what makes for good sports… (more…)

10th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution!

January 5, 2010

I can’t speak for many other towns, but it seems like the owners of sports teams in Dallas are particularly idiosyncratic. It takes a strange person to buy a sports team. But I think that Mark Cuban’s M.O. for owning the Mavericks might be the most sane. He doesn’t make money on one of the most successful teams in the NBA because he doesn’t consider it his job. He’s kind of like some friends of mine are about bicycles. They don’t work on them for a living, but enjoy working on them and riding them and helping others work on them. They might make some money here and there selling a rebuilt bike, but that’s not why they do it. (more…)