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If Tea Party racists are only a small faction of the group, then denouncing them can only help you

March 21, 2010

I think it’s telling that Republicans refuse to denounce racism at Tea Party protests while dismissing the racism as a fringe element of the group. If they really believe racism to be a problem, in general, and that the Tea Party is not racist but has only a few members who share racist beliefs, then it shouldn’t hurt the cause at all to say that racist epithets will not be tolerated at these events. In fact, I would think it would help because it would free others to join in on the group who might be slow to join because it just seems like racists are a major part to those of us who only hear stories like this one. It seems like a reasonable and obvious tack, but that would not represent the current Republican party–reasonable and obvious, they are not.

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One of the weirder things about “Birthers”

February 8, 2010

is their claim that Barack Obama is not an American citizen. Actually, it seems like their main claim at times. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is an American citizen. He can’t be President because he isn’t a natural born citizen. The Birthers seem to confuse the two.

But even here, I wonder if they’ve thought this through (obviously they haven’t, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt). Let’s say that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, just for argument’s sake. Don’t they still say that his mom is Stanley Ann Dunham? If that’s the case, then he’s an American citizen.

I know this because my daughter’s an American citizen. She actually has a little in common with Obama. One of her parents is American and her other parent is not. Despite having a foreign parent, she was born an American citizen. Also note this–to test the Birthers’ argument–she was not born in the United States. Her birth certificate shows that she was born in Scotland. And yet she is still an American citizen by birth. (more…)