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Steve Jobs = Robert Mugabe?

October 9, 2010

Let’s face it, Apple lovers can no longer claim Apple is the benevolent alternative to the evil empire in Microsoft. The people who build iPhones and iPads continue to be abused and exploited in China and now they seem to have evil plans to kill the greatest app I use regularly–Spotify. If Apple can create a program that is better than iTunes then that’s one thing. But Spotify is so much better than iTunes it’s hard to believe. For instance, Spotify responds to the play pause forward and backward keys on my MacBook faster than iTunes does and iTunes is an Apple program! The search function is extremely quick unlike iTunes. I don’t have to download another version of Spotify every month like I have to do with iTunes. And so on. If iTunes can replicate those great features then fine. But it’s not real capitalism for it to just muscle a better product out of its competition just so it can suck. It’s become Microsoft.

It’s not unlike those promising liberators in certain African countries who, once they get into power, end up being just as bad as they guys they replace.

Clock-Pen retro-convergence

November 2, 2009

Re: This post by James Fallows, I do think that eventually, we’ll have a single device for most electronic and digital things we do. And in a way, we’ve been doing this for years. Remember when you had a calculator, typewriter, Atari 2600, atlas, Baseball Encyclopedia, TV, VCR, stereo, newspapers, and stamps? (We had those things and also a computer and I can’t figure out what we did on that computer.) Now, I have a computer that has taken the place of all of those things. I also use my computer to make some long distance phone calls and use my phone to tell time. Why should we expect this trend to change?

My biggest problem with my computer is that the speakers are so-so and it’s kind of heavy. I’m looking forward to the day that I can put my computer in my pocket and fold my keyboard up.

But convergence hasn’t always worked. For instance, the pen with a clock embedded in it never really caught on.

(Ahh, I was going to post a clip from a Friends episode I remember about Joey giving a clock-pen to his girlfriend, but I don’t know how to do that and can’t find the clip anyway.)