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If there was any doubt that Marc Thiessen is unable to think critically, we have more proof

July 2, 2010

Actually, I really just want to call him a fucking moron, but that would be rude.

Anyway, here is an article that he wrote for a think tank, which makes me wonder what people do at think tanks. I would love a job at a think tank since I’m positive I’m a better thinker than this numbnuts. (more…)

Dick Cheney’s M.O.

January 18, 2010

It occurred to me a little while back that the reason that Dick Cheney has been dinging Obama about not keeping America safe is not because he thinks that torture is so effective in gaining intelligence (though I think he probably does think that, despite its detriments and the evidence that says otherwise), but because he desperately wants Obama to start using it and he knows he doesn’t have much chance in doing so. He’s essentially pulled the goalie with a 0-3 deficit. (more…)