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On Saturday Night Live

April 12, 2010

When Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton, I was unsure as to how SNL would be able to survive the three years between him eventually winning the presidency and the next election cycle. SNL had been running on fumes since the mid-90s gaining the necessary fuel to survive only in the September thru November stretch before the presidential elections. Occasionally they could bust out some worthwhile sketch involving the all-too-easy caricatures of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. But No Drama Obama didn’t hold the same promise as Slick Willie and Dubya. Fred Armisen doesn’t really do a very good job with Obama in my opinion. Plus, the comedy, from the sketches I’ve seen, has to rely on Obama as a straight man responding to the general craziness of Washington. Biden has more promise, but I think Biden is funnier than any impersonation of him could be. I wondered if this might actually spell the end of the institution. (more…)

Bad news about news

January 27, 2010

What does this poll mean? There are so many obvious things wrong with the fact that 49% of respondents claim to trust Fox News (more than any other TV news source), not the least of which is its untrustworthiness. But this just validates what Fox is doing beyond its profit making business. Nothing will stop them because people trust it. I don’t know what to say other than that.

The most encouraging thing about this is that the majority of Americans don’t actually trust television news. Below is an article I wrote for the late great on the problems of TV and TV news in the US and the UK: (more…)

I wasn’t on team Coco until now

January 20, 2010

Since I live in the UK and don’t have a TV license, I haven’t really paid much attention to talk shows in the U.S. For all I know, Conan’s been terrible since I graduated from college in the 90s. But I have yet to see any evidence that Jay Leno’s been anything but terrible at pretty much any time. I remember years ago when he decided it would be fun, for no reason I can fathom, to pretend to sting Tom Hanks like a bee (something my 2 year old daughter loves to do [although she hasn’t had the opportunity to do it to Tom Hanks yet]). The reaction on Tom “the nicest guy in Hollywood” Hank’s face said it all. It said, “I will tolerate this unfunny schlemazel for the sake of promoting “Turner and Hooch” and then I’m going home for a bath.” Remember, he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood, but he also has a good sense of humour.

Anyway, Leno’s been pounded and been very unwise as well. And then he does this: (more…)

A Thought about Sarah Palin on Fox

January 13, 2010

One can see the benefit to both figures. Fox gets someone people love to watch, either because they sympathise with her or because they find her a train-wreck waiting to happen. Palin gets money. I’m not sure what the other benefits for her are, though. Does she need more exposure? Or now that her book tour is over does she see this as a way to sustain the exposure.

But perhaps there’s another reason. (more…)

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Seinfeld reunion rings truer now

January 9, 2010

I just watched my way through season 7 of Curb and thought it was utterly brilliant. I think my favourite parts (and something that might not have been as noticeable with a full week between episodes) were the (much more vulgar) analogues to Seinfeld episodes that made it into the Curb episodes that didn’t have any of the Seinfeld cast. (more…)

Eurotrash Boys, ctd. With Video!

November 15, 2009

Judge for yourself:


Mad Men Post #2

November 15, 2009

Loved the season finale. I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said about, but I do have a prediction:

Based on Sterling Cooper’s relationship with the Republican party and the Nixon campaign in 1960 and Sterling’s relationship with Rockefeller, SCDP will end up with the Rockefeller account for the 1964 campaign. The only problem is that the campaign starts very soon after the finale so they would have to get the account soon. This will allow Betty and Don to continue to have conflicts.

I’m likely wrong, but I often don’t think of these things and I haven’t heard anything yet about this.

I take full responsibility. But I am still a victim.

November 10, 2009

Eternal victim Carrie Prejean won’t go away. When I heard she had a sex tape, I thought, well that didn’t end well. But it didn’t end, did it? Now she has a book and plugged it on that other ridiculous hypocrite Sean Hannity’s show.

Here’s the link. (more…)

How will this work?

November 10, 2009

What’s up with this?
I love shitmydadsays, but there’s not a huge amount of material there. And will Justin write it himself or will he have to wait for his dad to talk before he can pen a script? I don’t get it.

Fox News Inadvertantly Argues that America is Liberal

October 30, 2009

I had written the article below the jump for the sadly defuncting a few weeks ago (18 September, 2009). They have kindly lent me permission to republish it and my other articles here. I’m choosing this one right now because it complements this article by John Scalzi fairly well.

Scalzi writes:

[The White House’s war on Fox] is good news for Fox News, since four decades of conservative railing against “the liberal media” has given it a core of like-minded viewers, who being conservative are also loyal… But it’s also good for the White House, because at the end of the day, Fox News’ nightly audience in the third quarter of this year was 2.25 million viewers in primetime (source). For perspective this means that it has roughly the same audience as your average Dollhouse episode,which was just yanked by Fox (the broadcast network, not the cable news network), so that its ratings wouldn’t stink up November Sweeps. Even with Fox News’ ratings going through the roof because of its little war with Obama, the actual number of viewers is minuscule. Or to put it otherwise, 2.5 million Americans watch Fox News, which means that 297.5 million Americans don’t.