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One of the more curious things about Virginia’s Confederate History Month

April 12, 2010

As a Southerner, myself, I can understand the fascination with the Confederacy more than those people who hail from the North, I suppose. But I find it interesting that people in the South like to consistently bring up the fact that they are losers. My favorite scene in “A Fish Called Wanda” is when John Cleese is prodding Kevin Kline while waste deep in a barrel of oil. Kline says that the U.S. has never lost a war and Cleese brings up Vietnam. Kline claims it was a tie.

The fact is that Americans don’t like losers and tend to downplay our own losing. I think one of the reasons soccer will never truly take off is that the national team doesn’t win and they won’t win until soccer takes off. It’s a catch-22 that does not bode well for the beautiful game in the USA.

To show how little we like losing, note that the only president in living memory that I can think of that won the national election after having previously lost it is Richard Nixon (others had lost primaries only to come back and win the whole thing, but that’s a bit different). In Nixon’s case, where he lost to JFK in 1960 and then won in 1968, is a special case since LBJ decided not to run, RFK was killed, and George Wallace ran as a third party candidate which skewed the final results. Otherwise, losers don’t fare well in the proudest country in the world. (more…)

Gas vs. Petrol. Americans are getting ripped off.*

January 10, 2010

Apparently, mpgs are becoming the most important thing at the Detroit auto show. But I don’t get why they still seem so low. In Britain, where I live, if you don’t get 40 mpg on your car, there might be something wrong with your car. But in the US, if you get 40 mpg, you likely drive a hybrid. Crazy.

The various Ford Focuses (Foci?), a very popular car in Britain, get 35 mpg minimum and up to 60 mpg with the diesel! Again, this is normal for cars here. (more…)