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Which is more socialist? Professional Soccer or the NBA

July 10, 2010

I was reading over some previews for the World Cup final game and realised that the Spanish National team is made up almost entirely of two club teams. At one time, 7 players on the Spanish side play on Barcelona during the season. Now, look at the current Miami Heat roster and you have three guys who could play for the American national basketball team. The problem is that Miami currently has 5 players currently signed on the team with no cap space to fill out the roster with even a second tier player (their 4th and 5th best players are Mario Chalmers and Kenny Hasbrouk). (more…)

Why do people who don’t like soccer have to create some political reason to do so?

July 7, 2010

Forget about the fact that this guy doesn’t link to anyone that actually fulfills his stereotype. I’m sure some people would argue about the great diversity that exists in soccer over and against that of American sports, but that would be stupid because anyone with eyes knows that American sports are very very diverse. Nevertheless, this guy doesn’t actually link to those straw men, so let’s forget he didn’t.

Instead, I’m going to argue why I love the World Cup rather than why I think he’s wrong for trying to argue something I, as someone who probably fits his stereotype in other ways, never disputed. (more…)

France Surrenders, or the question of European Football hegemony

June 22, 2010

France is pretty much toast. England, we’ll find out tomorrow. Spain and Germany have been inconsistent. Portugal may be great, but it’s hard to tell. Meanwhile, Latin America looks fantastic, with Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, and probably Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile moving on. Poor Honduras was unfortunately stuck playing Chile and Spain. (more…)

Football/Soccer Team Logos Inaccurate

June 22, 2010

I googled “Uruguay Mexico Tie” since I couldn’t figure out why either team would want to try given that they could advance with only an extra point a piece leaving France out of the knockout stage. This article explains why Mexico might actually try to win. Uruguay will probably still advance with a loss, but they would have to play Argentina. Mexico would have to play Argentina if they tie. Their point differential is a bit better than France’s, so either team would still likely advance even if they tried to beat each other. Whatever the case, don’t bet on a tie unless you get better odds than 4-5 since it’s likely they will collude in some way–Mexico might rest players but let the subs try.

But this is all beside the point. On the site that explained why Mexico might actually try in the game there is a picture of all the teams’ logos. I can’t save it as a picture so you’ll just have to go yourself. The thing I noticed is that the several teams that have a football on the logo have one with the traditional white hexagons and black pentagons: (more…)

Reason #12 for why Soccer will not become a major American Sport any time soon

June 16, 2010

The box scores are crap. Sports fans are kind of geeky in the states. We don’t beat people up for wearing the jersey of our rivals. We argue with them about why their team isn’t any good with statistics. (more…)